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about us

Welcome to the Llamafarm Mirgg

In the heart of Switzerland, on the southern slope of the Faith Mountain, with a view of Lake Sarnen, we are the third generation to run the almost 6-hectare Mirgg organic farm. We gave up dairy farming and decided in 2006 to breed llamas in our steep mountain area. In addition to the now around 50 woolly llamas, we keep four alpacas, two donkeys and a shepherd dog. Since these animals are calm and reserved by nature, but still curious and open-minded, we also use them for animal-assisted work with people.


Since 2020 we have been taking care of young people and young adults with special needs who have difficulties integrating socially, at school or professionally and who want to develop their personal future prospects. The varied farm work offers the young people a meaningful daily structure.


With great care, we handcraft beneficial herbs, sweet chestnuts and various types of fruit according to the Bio Suisse standard. In everything we do, we seek to be close to animals and nature. We treat both with the utmost respect, because they give us their wealth.

Our values

Unsere Werte


In everything we do, we seek to be close to nature and respect it. We treat it with the utmost respect and assume responsibility  for our region.


With us, people with special needs find support and the happiness of meaningful employment in the daily structure.


We process beneficial herbs and various types of fruit with great care. We manufacture powerful products by hand according to the Bio Suisse standard.


We have animal companions. They are our hiking companions and co-therapists, especially for people whose biography and life makes it difficult for them to open up to other people.

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