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Central Swiss Chestänä

Forgotten - almost gone - rediscovered


Once important and widespread in Central Switzerland, today valued as a healthy alkaline food.

chestnut grove

Old agroforestry forms of management promote biodiversity in nature and the landscape.


Help to preserve and revitalize this old Central Swiss cultural asset!

Explanation of tree sponsorship

Typical for chestnut groves is the agroforestry multiple use of a loose stock of trees (fruit, wood) with a continuous turf underneath (pasture, mowing). The sponsorship roughly corresponds to the average set-up costs for the restoration, with a contribution to medium-term maintenance and includes the following implementation work:

  • Clearing/bush clearing/cleaning of the area

  • Project-internal offspring of old local varieties and modern production varieties

  • Hole planting and support stake

  • Robust protective wire basket for llama pasture

  • management of underutilization

  • Annual clean-up pruning (ingrowth)

  • Raking leaves and hedgehogs (when harvesting fruit)

  • Trunk care (removal of water veins and sticky branches) and replacement of failures

The tree sponsorship supports the planting, protection and maintenance of 1 young tree in the chestnut grove Lamacountry, Mirgg in Stalden and enables a special relationship with a Chestenen tree in Central Switzerland. It represents ideal support for our project. The annual payment of the sponsorship fee of CHF 100.00 does not give us any rights to the area, the tree or the fruit. Sponsorships can be entered into for 2, 5 or 10 years. During an inspection of the chestnut grove, the tree can be selected by the godparents themselves. You can label your selected tree with a name plate you have designed yourself. Each tree sponsorship is confirmed with a small certificate and you have the right to visit your tree at any time and to use the fireplace with the associated seat.


A meaningful, sustainable gift idea for every occasion, be it for a birth, christening, Christmas or a wedding!

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