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Unser Team

Our team


ufänand zuägah

 With my open and cheerful heart I am  responsible for looking after clients/guests, animal-assisted work and processing the herbs from the farm. On a walk with the llamas, alpacas or donkeys, I find an open ear for the suffering of the clients/guests and, as a herbalist, I often find the right medicinal herb along the way. 

Alice Schilter

Training in herbal medicine, experiential education,
Animal-assisted work and social care on the farm

mitänand schaffä 

 With my calm and thoughtful nature I am responsible for the welfare of all animals on the farm. I'm the "doer" and with my manual skills I implement pretty much all of my family's ideas, no matter how crazy.

Tony Schilter

Manager and llama breeder

mit miär 
ufem Wäg

I am responsible for the llama hikes and support the care work. I bring social experience with me from my six-month community service with young people with behavioral problems. I make sure that everything in and around the house and yard stays in motion. 

Chato Schilter
Landscape gardener, specialist company maintenance

Iblick  gäh

I beat the drum for the Mirgg. I will keep you up to date on what is happening on the farm . With great attention to detail, I take care of the feel-good places that invite you to enjoy and relax. 

Cheyenne Schilter

Marketing specialist and clerk for hotel gastro tourism

zämä gniässä

 I take care of the well-being of body and soul, great photos and exciting videos. With me by your side, you can dare to try new recipes and sometimes leave chaos in the kitchen. 

Nican Schilter

cook, design studies,
Visual communication with a focus on photography and video
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