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Tiergestützte Aktivitäten

Animal Assisted Activities

"Animals need people, but people need animals even more" Carola Otterstedt

In the encounter with the llama there is a power that strengthens your own being deep inside. When we have learned to see and understand the animal and not just understand it as a "functional unit" that has to serve us through its obedience, we learn a lot from the animal. If we are able to reflect for ourselves, the animal becomes a therapist and teacher. Quite a few people deliberately acquire an animal in order to have a positive effect on their health and physical well-being. The animal is far more than just a "medium" or companion.

Animal-assisted work is primarily about promoting the development of a person with the help of the animal. The animals act as door openers, especially for people whose biography and life makes it difficult for them to open up to other people.

The animal-assisted activities are designed to help visitors and clients rediscover, maintain, or develop social skills. It is important to be aware of your own needs and the needs of others and to be able to express them.

Thanks to the large number of different animal species on our farm, it is possible to deal with completely different sizes, characters, behavior and expressions of animals. Communicating with animals improves communication with humans.

The guests learn to take responsibility for themselves and others by dealing with the animals and caring for them (feeding, caring for them, stroking, stable hygiene, halters, basic training for accompanying them). By dealing with the needs of the animals, you can also recognize your own needs and work on them step by step. Only by taking individual needs such as distance or retreat into account do guests learn to treat the respective animal with respect and benevolence.

In addition to respect and taking on responsibility, other basic skills that are very important for positive human interaction are also shown, practiced and trained through the animal-assisted intervention: When dealing with the animals, a lot of patience is sometimes necessary, and a constructive leadership role is often advantageous . Many jobs also require the cooperation of several people or are easier to do if you help each other. The valuable help in taking care of the animals and above all the multitude of challenges on a trek sharpen the awareness of one's own strengths and weaknesses, increase the tolerance for frustration and lead to an increase in self-esteem.

The positive, empathetic interaction with each other creates relationships between humans and animals, which are subsequently transferred to human-human relationships in everyday life.

Unsere Tiere / Co-Therapeuten

Our animals / co-therapists


Apollo thinks he is naturally beautiful. Cleaning and grooming is not his favorite pastime. But when on a leash, he is good-natured and alert. When it comes to reward eating, Apollo is in the front row. 


Neptune is our slit ear, especially when capturing. Neptune always provides good entertainment on the walk, because he loves to wallow in all sorts of things, or simply lie down to quickly eat a fine herb. 


Zeus is up for anything, the main thing  his friends are there. He is easy to lead and nothing escapes his beautiful blue eyes. Zeus follows you wherever you go, even up the stairs and into the house.


Poseidon is curious but always likes to keep a small safety distance. With a bunch of red clover, however, it can be attracted immediately. Poseideon allows himself to be brushed to the tips of his toes and waits patiently 


Cyrus is our "cuddly bear". He loves to be groomed, groomed and cuddled. When hiking, Cyrus is the comfortable companion who only has to go to the front when there are major obstacles. 


Cortez impresses with his  majestic attitude. He prefers to proudly lead the hiking group. In the case of unknowns, he likes to let Cyrus go first. But he can wait patiently during a photo break.


Chico faces everything with composure.  Nothing fazes him that easily.

He loves to be scratched and petted. On the way, he can't help but grab a fine tuft of grass whenever possible.


Theo is the "gwuderiger" of our two long-eared ones. But without his friend Chico at his side, he doesn't want to move from the spot. That has nothing to do with stubbornness, but with "best friends" and, as is well known, you shouldn't separate them.  

Angebote zur Tiergestützten Förderung

Our offers for animal-assisted support

On the one hand, there is the possibility to visit our llama and alpaca farm with your group - but of course we are also happy to come to you with our llamas and alpacas!

A standard package, which includes the arrival and departure with alpacas / llamas and two helpers within the canton of Obwalden, a 1.5-hour stay and the additional costs such as cleaning our transport vehicle, is available from CHF 350.-. I would also be happy to create an individual offer tailored to your needs.


Sponsorship of animal friendship

In order to continue to develop a close relationship with one of our animals after your stay or a hike with us in the Mirgg, we offer the possibility of an animal sponsorship. So visits to our farm to maintain the newly found animal friendship are still possible and welcome.

By adopting one of our animals for a year, you show your connection to us and support us in our daily work with people in difficult circumstances. With your contribution, you ensure the maintenance and care of your sponsored animal, but also the continuation of the project of animal-assisted work on the Mirgg.

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